Post & Miller, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in employing our services. We have been providing services to individuals, businesses and farms since 1974 and feel we have a unique approach to accounting, tax, financial and business services. We strive to: 1) simplify accounting, 2) carefully plan and compute taxes, 3) improve financial conditions and 4) increase business or farm profits.

Our services are adaptable to your situation and your own philosophies. Much time and effort is devoted to helping clients define and achieve their own personal goals. Generally speaking, we prefer fairly aggressive tax planning and business decision-making.

As today’s tax laws are very complex and many financial products can be difficult to comprehend, we pride ourselves on being able to reduce them to common terms you can easily understand.

All services can be utilized on a piecemeal basis or in combination. Fees are either billed on an hourly basis or a retainer fee can be established. Discussions are welcomed on how fees are computed.

One final word—we demand confidentiality from our partners and staff. Rest assured that your affairs remain in strict confidence. We look forward to working with you and welcome all inquiries.

Very Sincerely,

Steven Post, EA, CRPC
Austin Miller, CPA
Gary Klaehn, RTRP
Amy Gerhardstein

4571 County Road 35
Auburn, IN 46706